Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yeah, Still Alive...:)

See , all kids still alive 100% success rate at my job, not everyone would agree that it is with my sanity in tact, but look how cute! Kels started Kindergarten, Skye is a 5th grader, and (gulp) AJ is giving Jr High a half assed try...can you say that on here? He has been grounded since school started...He is liking the saxophone in band, and loving guitar, as for the other 5 classes....he is stubborn...Oh the girls are great, do all their homework, love going to school. Troy's business is doing great, just can't say no to more jobs, so he works 24 hrs about twice a week these days. He gave me a third calling at church, awesome being 2nd counselor in bishopric. We all know he can use it.;) Wow, now you know why I don't update, its hard to stay on the positive things...Maybe I will practice...We had our first vacation this last May, and I guess my kids were never together, at least that I took a pic of...It was 4 days at Disneyland! We love our cousins and see them often. We are so Thankful that we can have them to grow up with. We especially love our Aaron and Gabi, they are the spice of our life! Nothing is boring with them around, and all my kids do really well taking care of either one. Gabi is prob more them 50% of Kelsie's body weight, but doesn't slow Kelsie down one bit. It is prob why she has such strong arms for tumbling. She and Skye both take a class once a week and love it. Maybe sometime I will take a pic.

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Amber said...

Yay!!!! love the update! Miss you!