Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yeah, Still Alive...:)

See , all kids still alive 100% success rate at my job, not everyone would agree that it is with my sanity in tact, but look how cute! Kels started Kindergarten, Skye is a 5th grader, and (gulp) AJ is giving Jr High a half assed try...can you say that on here? He has been grounded since school started...He is liking the saxophone in band, and loving guitar, as for the other 5 classes....he is stubborn...Oh the girls are great, do all their homework, love going to school. Troy's business is doing great, just can't say no to more jobs, so he works 24 hrs about twice a week these days. He gave me a third calling at church, awesome being 2nd counselor in bishopric. We all know he can use it.;) Wow, now you know why I don't update, its hard to stay on the positive things...Maybe I will practice...We had our first vacation this last May, and I guess my kids were never together, at least that I took a pic of...It was 4 days at Disneyland! We love our cousins and see them often. We are so Thankful that we can have them to grow up with. We especially love our Aaron and Gabi, they are the spice of our life! Nothing is boring with them around, and all my kids do really well taking care of either one. Gabi is prob more them 50% of Kelsie's body weight, but doesn't slow Kelsie down one bit. It is prob why she has such strong arms for tumbling. She and Skye both take a class once a week and love it. Maybe sometime I will take a pic.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Skye getting baptized!

Yeah, i know again with the updating. AJ had a birthday, went snowboarding with dad, and grandpa, uncle Richie, his friend and his dad. Since they left so early to go to park city, no pictures, but I head he did great. He got a snowboard for his birthday, and luckily grandpa got him a helmet. He is too cool. He also got a bike. I know it seems like a lot, but I insisted. its not his fault he has a winter Birthday and i can't remember when he had a new bike, all hand me downs. Troy really wanted him to have the snowboard, and he did the side jobs to earn it. Skye is 8 tomorrow and wants to go ice skating for her birthday, yea me. She is also getting a bike, and also a snowboard although it has no bindings? How do you give that to a kid? (Dad) She too is getting a bike, but we are super excited about getting dunked this sat! We got her dress (not to get dunked in, but to remember the day) today in the mail from her awesome aunt Erika! She is so talented! We had gone dress shopping and Skye is so small it was hard to find a dress that would fit her. Her Aunt Ashley has decided she can no longer wear clothes that are too big, it looks sloppy. He has the waist of size 5, but the length is a little too short. I don't want my 8 year-old in 5's! She really wanted a dress that went to the ground. We also wanted sleeves on the dress, and didn't want her to look like she was getting married. Erika fit all that, and made it washable! Skye wanted to sleep in it after trying it on. It means so much to us that Erika did all that work for her. We wish she was closer! (It really isn't that snowy here, just put on warm clothes for a while and you survive, isn't our warm love worth it, Kieth? Erika? Are you there, can you hear me? I will babysit, for freeeeeee) Anyway, here are some pictures. Ok, I threw in one of Aaron, because why not? And now maybe I should throw one in of my own baby! Ok, Troy woke me up to tell me he was bringing the bike and helmet in this morning, and that hegot some bindings for the snowbaoard and he would put it together tonight. Smarter then i thought.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

He does exist!

My favorite new little family does exist! I got the pictures off the camera myself, it is an hour and a half later but walla! Here they are before halloween. (They still are here now too, I just don't have the pics to prove it yet...) Aaron is 4 months old already! He is big, but the best baby ever. He sleeps 12 hours most nights, wakes up happy, doesn't have to eat right away. He doesn't even really cry when he is hungry, just gets uncomfortable every 4 hours to remind us. He smiles and laughs a lot. All my kids love having him around. Kelsie at the top of the list. I had strep throat this week so it worked out that I didn't watch him at all and Ash had to find someone for only 1 day, and took him to work for the sat. half day. Kelsie missed him so much, she was begging Ash to stay after church today. That's after her and Skye each holding 4 of 5 times each during sacrament. We sure are happy he came into our lives. Although Kelsie has never met Taki, her other new cousin, she carries this photo album we have of AJ as tiny, and turns to a page of Uncle Jason holding AJ without a shirt on and tells people "my best friend Taki." It is cute.

Kelsie turned 3 last month and is crazy girly as ever. She got her own doll, stroller, swing ,playpen set, with a diaper bag. Her uncle Keith (who is also the father of "best friend Taki" born 1 day after Aaron) and Aunt Erika sent her a card she carries in the diaper bag and 5 dollars that was just enough to buy a car seat for her doll at family dollar. Guess what goes with us everywhere? Here is Kels with her best friend Lexi (she has a few best friends) on her birthday at the story time at the Library. We did the Chuck-E-Cheese thing for her birthday, and it was packed, even on a wensday night. She had a great time though.

AJ was in a christmas musical this last week. We tried out and made it on his own. He went to "rehersal" not practice mom, many early mornings. He was a chimney Sweep, the smallest and the best I must add. He took it very seriously and was great, he had 3 or 4 lines and they did a "rap". OK, it is now a good 2 hours from when I started. This is kind of frusterating, the whole picture thing. I will post and not mention how long its been. But I did mop the litchen floor, and wash my sheets and blankets which are always at the bottom of the to do list in my head. Clean microwave not done, but blog, check! Till next time, I will try to be sooner then later!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ok, Ok Ok

So, I read blogs everyday, mostly with no comment because half the time it won't let me, and I am one of the slowest new posts. I am bad I know. Life has been busy, but honestly not that busy. I have been at the school quite a bit, but not more then 3 days a week ever. I am watching my cute nephew now, this was my 3rd week, but really, he sleeps at least 3 hours, and I have time until 6, and I get my full night of sleep. he is great in the hot sling, he once staid in from 9-12:30 when I was at the school one day. Ash got her monies worth out of that diaper, let me tell ya. He smiles a lot now, you know that turns everybody day around. Everyone at the school loves him, and Kels cries when it is time for him to go. He has been to Lagoon with us, Hill Air force museum, and today will be the lucky kids first time with Chuck-e-cheese. Will is potty trained, and Sterling is moving with his mom to Illinois tomorrow. I don't really like to talk about that though. We are all heart-broken. He will be back for thanksgiving. Heidi's boyfriend got transferred, she is preg with his boy. They went and registered as common-law at the court house, I don't know the difference between that and actually going there to just get married, but hey, its not me. OK, I really should get dressed and all that since it is 10 am now. I will post pics later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

who knew

Who knew life could change so quickly, I feel so different since my last post. Ashley and i have a baby! Well, Frank too I guess. Two days after my last post, the little guy came into our lives. I was at Ashley's at midnight, soon after they walked into their house from signing the adoption papers. i staied till about 2, long enough to bring in the few little boxes of clothes and blankets I could gather that day, and help set up the bassinet, and feed him. My mind is on him all the time. He has been to the doctor 3 times, I went 2 of the times. We got circumcised, and medicine for his yeast infection. He is growing quickly! Already 22 inches long! Newborn stuff has already had to be taken away. I don't have any pictures, i made ash take it with her, since she doesn't have a digital camera yet, I promise I will borrow it back one day and post pictures of the center of the world! Until then you will have to check Ashley's blog, there is a link off this page. I am having a shower for her on Saturday at noon at my house, please come if you want! Ash's family is my family, and I invited people from my ward, they know her much more then hers. Kels used to be the center, and now she is definitely perfecting the tizzy fit! Who cares, she needs to be not carried everywhere, We have a baby! I love you baby Aaron Wyland Boehm!

Monday, August 25, 2008

FREEDOM!!! kinda

OK, OK, I have no excuse not to update. I keep thinking nothing really interesting in our lives, same old Lagoon, swimming, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Ya, ya, I know that's what everyone is dying to read about. Today the kids started school!!! They rode their bikes on their own, left by 8:05. By 9:30 I thought is should be noon. Kels and I and Kitten, just dawdling getting dressed eating breakfast....uhh what do we do now? We got a kitten this last week. Thank you Brooke! She is a little on the smothering side, she loves to snuggle on your neck ,shoulder, chest, right by your head when your on the couch. If you get up she will follow you, watch the feet! (kels did get her once, but Maybelle slapped her foot) We have a pet carrier with a soft pillow in it, and she sleeps in there, she goes on her own, we actually just went looking and found her in there. What a good cat, i have never met one like her and she has even won over Troy. I haven't had to clean up and accidents, she has gone in the litter box, and Skye cleans it about 5 times a day. We have continued with the no TV Tues and Thurs, although AJ has tried and tried to change it. I did let him watch that Hannah Montana 3D after he read a his level chapter book, cover to cover. You can tell who is happy to start school, and who is too cool for school. Skye has a cute new haircut for 2ND grade, Thanks Amber! She is amazed how it looks so shiny when it is clean. (hard time in the summer convincing her to use shampoo and conditioner.) Yeah, Aj just made himself an egg roll for a snack, and i didn't have to do a thing! Just wait Kara, it will happen fast, school on their own, food up high on their own, this is the life! We won't mention the arguing and teasing. With all my new time, I will hopefully think of fun things to talk about like Kristen. Oh, by the way, I made the costumes out of felt and gluegun in about an hour, I will see what I have of them, or i can help you make your own you can keep forever and ever. They were not perfect by any means, I just guessed on all the cutting. We could do it this year if you want, tiny Mimi.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Memory tag!

Memory Tag.1.As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.This tag can be for anyone that knows me or has my blog address.